Effective Stakeholder Engagement – From Informing Funding Packages to Delivering Excellence

In-Person Meeting

Presented By: Joanna Valencia, Revenue and Capital Development Manager, Seattle Department Of Transportation


Joanna and her team are launching a multi-year planning effort for an equitable and resilient transportation system in the City of Seattle that considers all travel needs. Currently, the team is engaging with community to ensure plan reflects values, need and priorities. The goal is to identify an implementation strategy and inform the next transportation funding package.

Effective stakeholder engagement leads to success of the development and implementation effort. Joanna will describe how to identify which stakeholders should be included during the projects planning phase, how best to reach them and what tactics are used to engage with them to encourage participation. She will share features of online stakeholder engagement platforms to introduce stakeholders to the project, community chat to ask everyone to collaborate together and interactive mapping to enable them to pin feedbacks/ideas, etc.

Goal: Build a building a safe, efficient, and affordable transportation system that works better for everyone!

Location: Renaissance Seattle Hotel

AACE Seattle Dec 08, 2022, 5:00PM – 8:00 PM