65-year-old Fairview Ave N wooden bridge replacement

SYNOPSIS: In Seattle, thousands of people travel on Fairview Ave N between South Lake Union and Eastlake every day without even realizing that they’re passing over Seattle’s last remaining major road on a wooden bridge. This bridge is held up by wooden posts built over 65 years ago; which are decaying and the concrete girders which stabilize the street on the eastern half of the bridge are cracked.

Rebuilding the Fairview Ave bridge is essential for public safety and will accommodate all people. In 2015, Seattle voters approved a levy to provide a $27 million investment in the Fairview Bridge replacement project. To replace the bridge, a section of Fairview Ave N is closed for 18 months. This project will construct sidewalks on both sides as well as a protected 12-foot, 2-way bike lane on the west side of the bridge. Just like today, there will be three lanes for cars and buses. Along with seismic improvements, we’re building 3 new lookout points along the west side of the bridge to provide viewing platforms looking out to Lake Union.

Join us as we share lessons learned, project risks and construction methods for the wooden bridge replacement.


Marilyn Yim, PE

Project Manager, Seattle Dept of Transportation